Bassel Jadaa has lived and travelled in various parts of the world where he has honed his skills in capturing photographs which give you the sensation that you too, were present in that moment.  The composition of his photography ranges between moments portrayed in time, ambiance of the locale, and impressionisms. 

Bassel has a B.S. degree in Business Administration, and a minor in Marketing from USIU.  He went on to graduate with an M.A. in Telecommunications & Film.  It was while studying at SDSU that Bassel discovered his passion for the art of still photography. 

Throughout his career Bassel has worked on several independent documentaries and films.  In his spare time, Bassel shares his artistic zeal by teaching photography and film classes at Jacksonville University and the Duval County School system. 

Bassel Jadaa also utilizes his marketing skills, and graphic design knowledge to design several major publications, marketing media, and offers his consulting services to small businesses. 

Bassel’s career includes extensive photographic portraits, weddings, film and documentary.  He is thrilled to have a job that allows him to be part of those special moments. Bassel Jadaa resides in Jacksonville, Florida.